May 09, 2012

Stars Wars, Machete-Style

Turn the geek dial up to eleven!  I just read an old-ish post about the best order in which to watch all six Star Wars movies, the "Machete Order".  The author, Rod Hilton, deserves huge geek credit for the amount of thought he put into it but he deserves even more credit for being so right.

So very right.  He explains it better than I could so I urge you to check out the entire post but the key point is -- don't watch episode one at all.  And the absolute best part about that in my book is, by doing so, you can almost completely avoid the horrid, horrid, offensive and hateful . . . Jar Jar Binks.  I don't think that there is a fictional character that I loath more than that lame-ass, floppy eared, poor excuse for a sophant.

Plus you also avoid the interminable land-speeder race and any significant reference to midichlorians (critters which, in one short scene, demoted the Force from the mystical, barely understood foundation of the universe to something a bit like a yeast infection).

I am full of awe and now I want to go home and watch the whole thing (minus episode 1, of course).

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