May 28, 2012

The Eminent Coroner Prepares to Save America

This week's reading list from the staff:

Alan: "Finished BLACKOUT by Mira Grant, a very worthy conclusion to her Newsflesh series.  Also read COUNTDOWN, which is a prequel novella in the same world.  Burned through THE CORONER'S LUNCH by Colin Cotterill yesterday - It's a mystery with very mild supernatural elements set in Laos right after the end of the Vietnam war.  Just wonderful writing, good characters and mystery.  Love it and now I'm going to find the others and read them.  Right now I'm just starting on a re-read of PREPARE TO DIE by Paul Tobin.  I read it before it came out and I like it so much I'm going to re-read it now.  Hands down one of the best treatments of Superheros for an adult audience ever, as good or better than WATCHMEN or SOON I WILL BE INVINCIBLE."

Cary: ANGEL'S INK by Jocelyn Drake and re-reading TERRITORY by Emma Bull.

MOTHER LONDON by Michael Moorcock [never really went anywhere, but did it so well you didn't mind]
SEASON OF THE WITCH: ENCHANTMENT, TERROR AND DELIVERANCE IN THE CITY OF LOVE by David Talbot [didn't quite pull off Teh Theme that the author was aiming for, but on a chapter-by-chapter basis, *awesome* stories of San Francisco history in 60s and 70s]
A ROPE OF THORNS by Gemma Files [reread, getting ready for A TREE OF BONES]
"The Hedge Knight", "The Sworn Sword" and "The Mystery Knight" by George R.R. Martin

Jude: "Just finished an advance copy of WHEN WILL YOU RISE: STORIES TO END THE WORLD by Mira Grant, and I am starting BLACKBIRDS by Chuck Wendig."

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