March 01, 2010

February Bestsellers

1. Blackout by Connie Willis
2. The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi
3. Dust of Dreams by Steven Erikson
4. Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison
5. Crack'd Pot Trail by Steven Erikson
6. Makers by Cory Doctorow
7. Iorich by Steven Brust
8. Starbound by Joe Haldeman
9. Ash by Malinda Lo
10. Muse and Reverie by Charles de Lint

Mass Market Paperbacks
1. Chill by Elizabeth Bear
2. Califia's Daughters by Leigh Richards
3. Horizon by Lois McMaster Bujold
4. Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman
5. Soulless by Gail Carriger
6. Scissors by Ray Garton
7. Revolution Business by Charles Stross
8. Imager by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
9. This is Not a Game by Walter John Williams
10. Unleashed by John Levitt

Trade Paperbacks
1. xkcd: volume 0 by Randall Munroe
2. Manual of Detection by Jedidiah Berry
3. Dust of Dreams by Steven Erikson
4. The New Dead edited by Christopher Golden
5. Fool by Christopher Moore