June 07, 2016

Upcoming Events

SF in SF with authors Rudy Rucker and Michael Blumlein (at the American Bookbinders Museum, 355 Clementina, San Francisco) on Sunday, June 12th at 6:30 pm

Brian Keene, PRESSURE (Thomas Dunne Books, Hardcover, $25.99) on Friday, July 1st at 6:00 pm

Sarah Kuhn, HEROINE COMPLEX (DAW, Trade Paperback, $15.00); Mira Grant, RISE (ORBIT, Hardcover, $25.00); and Amber Benson, THE LAST DREAM KEEPER (ACE, Trade Paperback, $15.00) on Saturday, July 9th at 6:00 pm

Charles Stross, THE NIGHTMARE STACKS (Ace, Hardcover, $27.00) on Sunday, July 10th at 3:00 pm

SF in SF with authors Richard Kadrey and Thomas Olde Heuvelt (at the American Bookbinders Museum, 355 Clementina, San Francisco) on Sunday, July 17th at 6:30 pm

Daniel O'Malley, STILETTO (Little, Brown and Company, Hardcover, $26.00) on Saturday, July 23rd at 3:00 pm

And, coming up later this year, we're delighted to host Todd Lockwood, Eliot Fintushel, Seth Harwood, Grania Davis, Donald Sidney-Fryer, Curtis Chen and Patrick Swenson, and many, many, more!

May Bestsellers

3. ALL THE BIRDS IN THE SKY by Charlie Jane Anders
4. EVERY HEART A DOORWAY by Seanan McGuire
5. SHARP ENDS by Joe Abercrombie
6. WAR FACTORY by Neal Asher
7. THE FIREMAN by Joe Hill
8. A BLADE OF BLACK STEEL by Alex Marshall
9. SLEEPING GIANTS by Sylvain Neuvel
10. KING OF THE WORLDS by M. Thomas Gammarino

Mass Market Paperbacks
1. AURORA by Kim Stanley Robinson
2. AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman
4. THE ETERNA FILES by Leanna Renee Hieber
5. THE SILKWORM by Robert Galbraith
6. DEAD ICE by Laurell K. Hamilton
7. STRAITS OF HELL by Taylor Anderson
8. ULTIMA by Stephen Baxter
9. ZERO WORLD by Jason Hough
10. ALPHA by Greg Rucka

Trade Paperbacks
1. SEVENEVES by Neal Stephenson
2. THE ROOT by Na’amen Gobert Tilahun
3. NEMESIS GAMES by James S.A. Corey
4. CENTRAL STATION by Lavie Tidhar
5. THE FOREST OF MEMORY by Mary Robinette Kowal
6. THE BALLAD OF BLACK TOM by Victor LaVelle
7. THE GHOST BRIDE by Yangsze Choo
8. SECONDHAND SOULS by Christopher Moore
9. THE GUNSLINGER by Stephen King
10. ARMADA by Ernest Cline

June News

* Overheard in the store:
"They're publishing a 'Classroom Edition' of THE MARTIAN in the fall."
"Of course they are; it's made of Science!"

"Coffee -- because adulting is hard."

* One year ago Ursula K. LeGuin urged people to stop using Amazon.  Her reasoning is still sound. http://electricliterature.com/ursula-k-le-guin-i-keep-asking-you-not-to-buy-books-from-amazon/

* Speaking of alternatives to Amazon, we're happy to announce that our neighbor Dog Eared Books has opened up another store on Castro Street!  They're having a gala opening party on June 20th from 6 pm - 10 pm with so many wonderful local authors: Armistead Maupin, Rebecca Solnit, Peter Orner, Brontez Purnell, Alejandro MurguĂ­a, Katrina Dodson, and Amy Berkowitz, along with their MC, Baruch Porras-Hernandez!  Come down to mix 'n' mingle with their staff, drink swanky cocktails, eat fancy hors d'oeuvres, and listen to brief readings!  http://www.dogearedbooks.com/castro.html

* Bookriot suggests 100 science fiction and fantasy novels by women that you should read.  There are a few surprises on the list, but overall it’s a great selection.  Organized, somewhat oddly, (mostly) alphabetical by title.  http://bookriot.com/2016/05/02/100-must-read-sci-fi-fantasy-novels-by-female-authors/

* Bids for NASFiC 2017 and bids for WorldCon 2018: since WorldCon 2017 will be held outside the U.S. (in Helsinki), NASFiC will be running in North America.  There are currently two bids for it: San Juan, PR (http://www.sanjuan2017.org/) and Valley Forge, PA (http://www.valleyforge2017.org/).  (We know which place we'd rather vacation.)

* As for WorldCon 2018, the bids are coming in from New Orleans, LA (http://neworleansin2018.org/wp2018/) and San Jose, CA (http://www.sjin2018.org/).  We'd love for it to be local to the Bay Area again, but. . .  we also know where we'd rather go for a weekend.  Head over to the websites to check out the bids.