May 01, 2004

World Horror Convention Roundup

by Alan Beatts

Though they are terribly tiring, one of my favorite things about the genre book business are the yearly conventions that I get to attend.  At the least, each year I go to the three "world" conventions.  Each convention is different, from the casual and enthusiastic World Horror Convention in the spring to the huge and bustling World Science Fiction Convention in the summer to the World Fantasy Convention in fall with its consummate professionalism, but they all have one strong common quality -- it's a chance to visit and catch up with many, many old friends and a chance to meet new ones.  Oh, yes, and along the way we'll sell a few books, too.

This year's World Horror Convention in Phoenix, Arizona was no exception.  Though smaller than usual this year (perhaps due to being over Easter weekend), WHC was as pleasant as always and convention chairman Mike Wilmoth did a wonderful job.  Surprisingly, given the smaller attendance, sales in the dealer's room were very brisk and, at least for Borderlands, new sales records were set.