February 01, 2004

Jack Cady, Life and Memories

by Jeremy Lassen

Jack Cady died on January 14th.  He was 71.  On that day, the Sf/fantasy/horror community lost one of its great writers.  As is usually the case with great writers, the genre paid him little attention during his lifetime.  Likewise, he had little time for the genre.  He was too busy living and writing.  He spent a career writing damn good stories and novels, without regard for marketing categories and genre boundaries.  While writing these stories and novels, he worked a variety of blue collar jobs. In his own words, from a 2001 bio-blurb:

Books to be Excited About

by Alan Beatts

We just placed our orders for all the books that will be coming out in the late spring and summer from Tor books and I thought a little preview of what I'm excited about might be of interest.