May 19, 2012

Science Fiction Bookstores in the News

A Q&A with our friends Dave Nee and Jan Murphy from Other Change of Hobbit were featured in Oakland Local.  Congrats, you guys -- we're thrilled to see you still hanging tough!

And, we were gratified and a little surprised to find Borderlands mentioned in an article about what to do during a 48 hour visit to San Francisco from the UK's "Independent" newspaper.  Of all the amazing things to do in the City, I think it's delightful they'd choose us as one of the few to cram into 2 days in San Francisco.

And thinking about that, what would your ideal and/or recommended 48 hours in San Francisco look like?  I've been working on it, but I can't get it down to less than about a week.


  1. My wife and I are now living in Edinburgh and thankfully have a local that we love very much (Transreal Fiction), but of course we miss Borderlands something awful. A visit would certainly be on our 48-hour list, and the rest of the time would probably be devoted to eating burritos in the Mission. Scotland and proper Mex is hard to synthesize.

    Thankfully, we'll be back for a couple of weeks in August and will definitely be popping our heads in to say hello and pick up some good reading.

    Congrats on the article!

  2. Hi FunkyPlaid,

    Thanks so much for the nice words about the shop. Edinburgh is a wonderful city. I've been several times and it's one of my favorite spots in Scotland. And you're dead right, Transreal is a great store.

    Please say hi when you're out here visiting. I'll either be in the office or washing dishes in the cafe ('cause I get all the fun jobs).

    All Best,