May 08, 2020

May News

* The brilliant Kim Stanley Robinson, author of The Mars Trilogy, NEW YORK 2140, and many other seminal works, examines our current pandemic:

* Two enlightening links about what our bookshelves say about us: and

* Check out the gorgeous relaunch of The Fabulist Magazine! They're running an open call for fantastical art, with more fiction, poetry, and reviews to come:

* Cozy up with book-themed socks, and help out the bookseller community at the same time!

* Check out the virtual launch of one of Jude & Alan's favorite books of 2020, Mike Carey's BOOK OF KOLI! (You'll need to sign in & give your email to Orbit Books, but you probably want to get their updates anyway.)

* Fans of Sir Terry, rejoice! Discworld will finally be getting the adaptation it deserves:

* There’s a newly-discovered snake named after Salazar Slytherin!

* Seven amazing libraries you can explore from your living room:

* The Baloney-Detection Kit -- Carl Sagan's rules for critical thinking:

* When Queen Elizabeth II made a rare televised appearance on April 5th, she gave a stirring, inspriational and heartfelt speech.  She also wore an electric green dress that made A LOT of people think "green screen".  And so hilarity ensured:

* We're delighted that City Lights Books has gone way past their fundraising goal -- folks have donated nearly $500,000 to save this landmark bookstore!

* A playful poem on the wonders of reading from Ursula K. Le Guin:

* Dan Mallory (pen name: A. J. Finn) went to No. 1 with his debut thriller, "The Woman in the Window,"  but his life contains even stranger twists. . . .

* What happens when you set out to create the world's worst porn?

* She caught bullets with her bare hands, and made magic's glass ceiling disappear.  The greatest female magician you've never heard of - Adelaide Hermann!

* One man's mission to build a magical mouse village:

* How do we know other industerialized civilizations haven't already risen and fallen in prehistoric times? This is how:

* A star is dancing around a black hole -- just like Einstein said it would:

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