November 13, 2018

November News

* We're sorry to report the death of Canadian science fiction author Dave Duncan, who passed on the 30th of October.  His latest book was released this month - TRIAL BY TREASON.

* The winners of the 5th annual Philip K. Dick European Film Festival have been announced.  Check out the films you'll be scouring the internet for!

* An adaptation of Cixin Liu's The Wandering Earth is set to be released.  Check out the teaser trailer and more details here:

* Most of us know that the science in science fiction movies can frequently be a bit iffy at best.  Here are nine films (out of hundreds) that get their science wrong.

* The links between science fiction and Scientology run deeper than a lot of us know.  L. Ron Hubbard's connection with John W. Campbell, and Campbell's influence on early Scientology is explored in a new book.  Excerpt & details here:

* Someone's idea of the best costumes in science fiction.  (As soon as Na'amen saw Ruby Rhod at the bottom of the list he knew it was suspect, but check it out for yourself.)

* Tractor Beams!  We have tractor beams!  I mean. . . it's not as impressive as it sounds. . . YET!

* Den of the Geek's Aliya Whiteley is doing a guest series on addiction and science fiction.  Check out part one, in which they dive into the portrayal of alcohol:  Part two tackles the portrayal of smoking, neo-noir, and addiction:

* If you live in Seattle or within driving distance, you have almost a year to take a trip to The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience and check out their Worlds Beyond Here exhibit, which explores the connections between Asian-American culture and science fiction.

* One of science fiction's greatest pop culture myths is once again proven false.

* A very interesting in-depth look at nine sub-genres in science fiction that we don't talk about enough, and that will help your understanding of the future:

* A perspective on science fiction's portrayal of the future of retail that centers South Africa rather than a location in the west:

* 25 of the best spaceships in science fiction, covering everything from TV to videogames to movies and more:

* What do science fiction writers have to say about Trump's "Space Force" idea?  The Washington Post crashed a convention to find out:

* Five important lessons that an Indian author learned at EuroCon:

* Congratulations to editor Liz Gorinsky, who has left her position at Tor to start her own publishing company, Erewhon Books:

* An interview with G.R.R. Martin where the staff of the NY Times asked him their burning questions, about everything from fashion to politics:

* An interview with the great writer Kate Elliot by Locus Magazine; learn all about her history and her forthcoming works.

* If you are anything like us and get obsessed with the created food in the shows you love, then you should probably hit up NYCC next year and stop by The Fandom Fantasy food truck:

* Three speculative films that should get Oscar nominations, but most likely won't:

* Next month the Kolkata National University of Juridical Sciences will start offering a course based in Harry Potter! Check out more details and get your transfer paperwork ready:

* LeVar Burton, who is currently touring with his live show LeVar Burton Reads, talks about the ways that Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek influenced his life:

* Maps can be divisive in the speculative fiction community, but there's no denying that they are a major part of some authors' worldbuilding.  Writers and a cartographer explore their favorite maps in a new book:

Award News

* The 2018 World Fantasy Award winners were announced Sunday!  Winners listed here:  Special congratulations to Victor LaValle and Fonda Lee, who tied for Best Novel, and local author (and sponsor) Ellen Klages, who took home the award for Best Novella for PASSING STRANGE!

* The British Science Fiction Award winners for 2018 include Marjorie Liu, Victor LaValle, Joe Hill and Jordan Peele. For a full list of winners, go here:

* The 2018 Aurora Award winners have also been announced, including Fonda Lee taking home two awards for Best Novel and Best YA Novel.  See the full list here:

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