November 13, 2018

And Now, Alan Explains . . .

by Alan Beatts

The last few months have been pretty fierce.  The combination of the World Science Fiction Convention in the middle of August, catchup afterwards, working on the Haight Street building, and then swinging into the Litquake festival -- it made for some busy, busy times around the shop.

In addition, I had some pretty difficult personal stuff going on all of last month.  It's all sorted out now (or at least mostly sorted) but, at the time, it was very difficult.  (For you folks who worry: no, it wasn't my health or Jude's)

And so that is why, for the first time in more than a decade, we didn't get a newsletter out last month.  It's also why this communication from me is going to be pretty short this month.  But, for the last newsletter of the year, I'll do my best to write something good.

I'm going to close with a very quick building update.  The concrete for the foundation is going to be poured on the 19th, which will finally, for all and good, bring the saga of The Beam to a complete close.  We're getting the roof replaced this month as well, and I should be able to make a start on laying the brick for the garden.

With the foundation work complete, we can finally move forward with the framing work for the new bathroom.  I have high hopes that my next update will have many pieces of good news and progress.

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