February 07, 2015

Shelves for Sale!

The first lot of shelves that we have available for sale are folding, stackable bookshelves.  They have three shelves sized for hardcovers and are 38" high, 27 1/2" wide, and 10 1/2" deep.  Made of fruitwood (probably apple), they are lightweight, easy to move, and are a pale honey color.  We have about a dozen of them available. They have served us with distinction at many, many conventions, (including the 2006 World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles, where we created a 500 sq. ft. temporary bookstore) as well as in the store at 866 Valencia.  They are $50 each, and come stickered with a letter of provenance signed by Alan and Jude.  They will need to be picked up at the store because they are too awkward to ship.  If you would like one, please email us or come in before noon on Monday, the 9th.  After that we will be placing them on sale to the general public.  If you reserve one, it will need to be picked up by 8 pm on Sunday, February 15th.

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