February 27, 2015

Hoodies are back!

The Increasingly Inaccurately Dated, Formerly-Commemorative Hoodies are back!

We unfortunately can't reserve them, so come get 'em, or call & we can ship one to you.

These are good quality, black, full-zip hooded sweatshirts with our logo and the dates "1997 - 2015" printed in red on both the front left breast and full size on the back.

We have sizes S - 2XL (we're sorry -- the 3XLs didn't ship this time).  Sizes small through extra large are $50 each, 2XL are $55 each.  Shipping west of the Rockies is $8, east of the Rockies is $10.

We expect and hope these will become collectors' items, like those postage stamps with the upside-down airplane.

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