December 05, 2013

School's Out for the Winter Internet Apocalypse

What the staff is reading and has been reading:

Alan: SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER by Scott K. Andrews.

Cary: "Was reading an advance copy of NOTES FROM THE INTERNET APOCALYPSE by Max Gladstone (due 5/2014).  Currently reading THE CARDINAL'S HEIR by Jaki Demarest."

Claud: 4 BY PELEVIN, by Victor Pelevin (rearead); MIDNIGHT RIOT, MOON OVER SOHO, and WHISPERS UNDER GROUND, by Ben Aaronovitch; FROM DEMOCRATS TO KINGS: The Brutal Dawn Of A New World From The Downfall Of Athens To The Rise Of Alexander, by Michael C. Scott; THE CRYING OF LOT 49, by Thomas Pynchon (reread); I’M YOUR MAN: The Life Of Leonard Cohen, by Sylvie Simmons (excellent biography); THREE PARTS DEAD and TWO SERPENTS RISE, by Max Gladstone (best fantasy I’ve read in ages); UNDER MY ROOF, by Nick Mamatas; THE SECRET WORLD OF SLEEP: How The Nighttime Brain Creates Consciousness, by Penelope A. Lewis; IN THE CUBE, by David Alexander Smith (reread); CREATING COHOUSING: Building Sustainable Communities, by Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett; MISS ANNE IN HARLEM: The White Women Of The Black Renaissance, by Carla Kaplan (really interesting); THE UNWRITTEN, Vol. 6: Tommy Taylor And The War Of Words, by Mike Carey and Peter Gross; TOP 10: The Forty-Niners, by Alan Moore; CLOUD ATLAS, by David Mitchell; LEXICON, by Max Barry; THE TALISMAN RING, Georgette Heyer (reread); STRANGERS: Homosexual Love In The Nineteenth Century, by Graham Robb; THE SHAMAN’S COAT: A Native History Of Siberia, by Anna Reid; FRAGILE THINGS: Short Fictions And Wonders, by Neil Gaiman; LOST FILMS: Important Movies That Disappeared, by Frank T. Thompson; THE TERRORIST’S DILEMMA: Managing Violent Covert Organizations, by Jacob N. Shapiro (fascinating, albeit dry); THE CORONER’S LUNCH, THIRTY-THREE TEETH, DISCO FOR THE DEPARTED, and ANARCHY AND OLD DOGS, by Colin Cotterill; FAIRYLAND: A Memoir Of My Father, by Alysia Abbott; THE VICTORIAN INTERNET: The Remarkable Story Of The Telegraph And The Nineteenth Century’s On-Line Pioneers, by Tom Standage (excellent); LIGHT THICKENS, by Ngaio Marsh (reread); REDSHIRTS, by John Scalzi; THE LIZARD CLUB, by Steve Abbott; ORYX AND CRAKE, THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD, and MADDADAM, by Margaret Atwood; THE PRAISE SINGER, by Mary Renault (reread).

Devany: "EARLY AUTUMN by Robert Parker; LOVE MINUS EIGHTY by Will McIntosh; THE WINTER PEOPLE by Jennifer McMahon. WAKING DEAD by Robin Wasserman, and ABOVE by Isla Morley.  [ABOVE is e]nthralling.  I should hate the main character, but I don't. I was reading this on the way home, continued reading and didn't notice it had gotten dark until it was too dark to continue."

Jude: "THE WOMAN WHO WOULDN'T DIE by Colin Cotterill; AN UNSUITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN by P.D. James; CRIMSON JOY; PLAYMATES; and STARDUST by Robert Parker.  OLD CREOLE DAYS by George Washington Cable. Now I am loving THE ANXIETY OF KALIX THE WEREWOLF by Martin Millar and I wish I didn't have to work so I could finish it!"

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