November 17, 2013

Rare and Small Press Titles on Sale

We've given you an idea what is on offer this Monday at Borderlands for the avid readers among you.  But what about the collectors?  Books collectors and people who appreciate a first edition or a fine binding have been an important part of our clientele since the day we opened.  With our sale on Monday, we're not going to leave them out.

Sure, if you just want some reading copies of books, $20 will set you up for several months.  But, if you're a collector, the VIP room is for you.  There are a ton of imports, limited editions, and small press titles waiting for you.  It's a bit more expensive ($100 admission gets you a full bag of books), but look at what you're in line for --

One bag of books - 

Holds all of this -

And, by the way, the copies of Worlds, The Straw Men, The Crook Factory, Clairmont Tales, and The Hemingway Hoax are all signed first editions.  What the hell am I thinking letting them go at this sale?

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