April 17, 2020

This Week's Audiobook Recommendation

by Melinda Rose

THE CITY WE BECAME by N.K. Jemisin, Narrated by Robin Miles.

Just, Wow! This audiobook was an experience.  I've never listened to a book so well produced, and it's set a new standard in my mind. Miles' performance is stellar.  She nails the accents of each individual borough, and every character has a distinctive voice - not an easy feat considering all the different cultures, backgrounds, and ages represented.  There are sound effects and music woven throughout the story - at just the right point below the narration so as to enhance but not distract.

Fortunately, I also loved this story of a city fighting for its identity in a very human way. I cared about all the main characters, even the villains.  Jemisin tackles issues of racism, gentrification, and toxic masculinity through the lens of characters that become manifestations of New York City and the individual boroughs they live in and love.  As a San Franciscan I completely relate to the struggle of fighting the forces that would chip away at the very things that make a city unique, and I loved seeing this fight made as personal as it feels.


Come back next week as long-time customer (and audiobook junkie) Melinda Rose continues to share her weekly audiobook recommendations.

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