July 18, 2019

June Building Update

by Alan Beatts

Despite not having much time to work at Haight St. last month (because, closing up the cafe), we made some solid progress in May.  Perhaps the biggest thing is that we finally (Finally? Finally!) passed the last inspection with PG&E for the new electrical service.  We're all set to have the actual service hooked up on the 2nd of July, and that will be the first construction permit of this whole project that is completely finished.  To say that I'm looking forward to it is a hell of an understatement.

Over the last few weeks we've also made major progress on the bathroom.  Three of the five walls are framed and in place.  The next two will follow shortly and then we can get the plumber in to do the rough work.  With luck that will go quickly (depending on his schedule) and then we can get the finish work done.  Still no firm ETA for all that but we're getting close to a point when I feel like I can make something other than a wild-ass guess.

The garden is really coming into its own with the spring and thanks to all the rain this winter.  I know I've been promising pictures for months now but I truly will try to get some up by the next newsletter.

With the work of closing (and running) the cafe behind me, I'm really looking forward to putting my full attention into getting our new "house" ready for move in.

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