May 29, 2019

May Building Update

Hi Everyone,

This is going to be a very short update on our building process.  I've been very busy this month getting all the work done to shut down the cafe and so time (and sleep) has been in very short supply.  Despite that, we've made some very good progress at Haight Street.  Milestones have been:

Revised bathroom layout approved.  It's a much better arrangement than the original design and also takes up less floor space.  Kevin Short, our architect, really outdid himself getting it worked out and permitted.

Floor framing for bathroom and lightwell completed.  Since we know the layout for sure now, we were able to finalize the floor framing layout and get it done.  I'm very pleased with how it all came out.  And perhaps the most impressive part of the job was that it was almost completely done by our volunteers with only oversight from me.  It was a difficult and demanding job (the bathroom floor especially so, since it had to be just about dead level) and, personally, I think they produced a better and more precise piece of work than the average professional crew would have.

Trench and conduit for new electrical completed.  The schedules all lined up for both our trenching contractor and our electrician so that job was completed in less than a week.  Now we're just waiting for a second inspection of the panels (because, really, the inspector was kind of unreasonable).  After that, there are two inspections from PG&E (both scheduled for this month) and then we wait for them to connect the power (which is scheduled for the beginning of July . . . because PG&E is a little slow).  But, at this point, the job is moving forward and quickly too.  Which is damn nice since we first applied for the permits well over a _year_ ago.

Aside from that, the garden is coming along beautifully now that spring is here, and many smaller jobs have been knocked out.

That's about it.  Goodnight.

All Best,

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