January 25, 2019

Sponsorships and Building News

by Alan Beatts

Welcome to 2019 Everyone!

As you can tell, this newsletter is _horribly_ late.  And it's all my fault.  January is usually a bit busy and crazy but this one has been a record-breaker.  I've been trying to write something articulate for the past two weeks and all that has come out was "mumble, sponsorships, mumble, new roof, mumble, mumble, mumble".  So, I'm not going to be articulate very much at all (I'll try that next month, which will be here in . . . six days!?!!).

It's a new year and so, once again, we're soliciting sponsorships for 2019.  We do this every year so we can stay open.  We need to have 300 sponsors (at $100 each) by March 31st or we'll close.  Full story here - http://borderlands-sponsors.blogspot.com/p/why-sponsorships.html .  Benefits here - http://borderlands-sponsors.blogspot.com/p/sponsor-benefits-and-privilidges.html .  On-line signup here - https://borderlands-books.com/buysponsorship19.html .  Or you can sign up by mail, or in person at the shop.

We've been working on the building at Haight Street a lot.  We've got a new roof, some big structural work almost complete (last bits to do in the basement and ground floor structural work 50% done), the garden is looking great (pictures up at the blog soon), and we're just about to start the new electrical service installation.  It continues to go slow but very well.

And that's all I've got right now.  I hope that 2019 is treating you better than it's treating me (insert wry smile here) and I hope to see you around the shop sometime soon.

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