September 11, 2018

September News

* Podcaster Matthew Felix interviewed Borderlands owner Alan Beatts on his show!  Matthew says: "On my last episode, I had a wide-ranging talk with Borderlands Books' owner and founder Alan Beatts. We discussed Borderlands' history -- including the controversy that garnered it unexpected national attention in 2015, landing Alan everywhere, from the pages of the New Yorker to on camera with Fox and other news outlets. We also talked about what the climate is like today for indie bookstores, both how they've dealt with Amazon and some of the innovative ways they continue to adapt to the future."  You can watch the show on YouTube: or Facebook:, or you can listen on iTunes: or Google Play: .

* Celebrated actor Burt Reynolds died recently, and while he didn't act in many science fiction films (famously turning down the role of Han Solo!) here are four movies & TV episodes where Mr. Reynolds experimented with genre.

* If you happen to be in the UK in November, why not stop by SFX BookCon 2?  Plenty of amazing authors will be there including Pat Cadigan, MR Carey, Rebecca Kuang, Tade Thompson, Sarah Lotz, Richard Morgan and more!  Check out all the details here:

* So you've read N.K. Jemisin's Broken Earth trilogy all the way a dozen times . . . what now?  Well, Bustle has come up with a list of amazing books for you to check out next!

* If you're a Robert E. Howard fan, why not take a cool roadtrip down to Texas and check out the house he grew up and died in?  It been transformed into a museum in his honor.

* The fantasy juggernaut that is "Game of Thrones" is set to air its final season next year, but worry not!  Here are FORTY-THREE upcoming fantasy & sci-fi shows -- some that might make it to air. . . and some that might not.

* An interview with bestselling author Roshani Chokshi as she tours book festivals to promote her numerous books.

* And every nerd out there sighed and rolled their eyes, because we have known this forever.

* Check out this podcast on building worlds with N.K. Jemisin, where she also recommends some of her favorite groundbreaking sci-fi.

* A lot of fantasy fans aren't exactly raving about "Disenchantment", the new series from Matt Groening and Netflix.  Check out a few of the critiques here:

* The (obvious) problems with the creation of fantasy and sci-fi cultures that are just an amalgam of anti-Semitic stereotypes.

* An article on the importance of world-building in the genres of fantasy/sci-fi romance, with some recommendations to try out.

* An article about the hit Boots Riley film "Sorry To Bother You": why it's not being hailed as a science fiction film, and the other works it's in conversation with.

* Two Indian Hugo nominees have a far-ranging conversation about life in the world of genre.

* Planning to attend DragonCon next year?  Check out this handy-dandy survival guide.

* The new season of "Doctor Who" is going to be the first season starring a woman as the titular Doctor, but it will also be inspired by Spielberg's 80s films.  We can't wait!

* "Adventure Time" has finally ended after eight year and hundreds of episodes, and unlike many long-running series, the finale did not disappoint.

* Here are 15 tips for world-building!

* The highly-anticipated Netflix original "The Dragon Prince", from an illustrious creative team that has been involved in "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "Uncharted", "Star Wars" & "Justice League", had a sneak preview of the first episode and it seems like it actually lives up to the hype.

* As some of the few fans of the rebooted "Ghostbusters" film, knowing what the sequel would have done just makes us more angry that we'll never get it.

* Here are the 69 worst science-fiction films of all time according to critics.  We're not gonna lie; there are a handful of titles on this list we actually love, like "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". Check out the whole list here:

* A list of 26 underrated science-fiction books:

Award News

* The 2018 Hugo Award winners were announced at WorldCon in San Jose.  Congratulations to all of them, and particularly to N.K. Jemisin, who became the first author in history to win the Best Novel award for all three books in a trilogy, and also the first to win three Hugos for Best Novel in a row. . (Also check out seven facts about N.K. Jemisin, with a link to a video of her Hugo acceptance speech. )

* Fran Wilde's "Clearly Lettered in a Most Steady Hand" won this year's Eugie Foster Memorial Award for Short Fiction.  For a full list of nominees with links to the stories go here:

* The 2017 Sidewise Award for Alternate History announced their winner at WorldCon as well.

* The Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists have announced the 2018 Chesley Award winners:

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