September 13, 2016

September News

* Our friends at the Internet Archive <> are looking for volunteers to help with their 20th Anniversary party, and with other projects as well!  Here's some info from the Archive: "The Internet Archive is turning 20!  Help us kick off the night in style on October 26th from 4pm to 10pm.  Volunteer shifts are 4 hours long (4pm to 8pm and 6pm to 10pm).  Volunteers who complete a shift at the Anniversary Party get full access to the party, demos, food, drinks (please consume any adult beverages after your shift), and a t-shirt to say thank you. If you’re interested in getting involved with the Archives doing other events or even core mission work, preference will be given to anyone who helped out with the Anniversary events."  Use this link for more information and to sign up to volunteer:

* Compass Books in Terminal 3 at SFO is looking for a full-time, general interest bookseller.  Is is you?

* The Locus Writers Workshop is hosting a single-day intensive workshop taught by award-winning author Daryl Gregory on Saturday, September 24th.  There are still a few slots left if you'd like to sign up, and tuition even includes a tour of the Locus Magazine offices!  Full details are here:

* Actor Ian McKellen turned down $1.5 million to officiate a billionaire's wedding costumed as Gandalf.  "Gandalf doesn't do weddings.":

* A rumination on Dune, 50 years on.  What it meant, what it still means, and why it's so important:

* reports on the many, many genre film and television adaptations coming soon:

* Brian Keene writes a lovely column on community and connection for new writers with a nice shout out to Borderlands own Alan Beatts and Jude Feldman.

* Check out this beautiful short art film that uses many different techniques to show the beginning of the universe.

* Seth Grahame-Smith, author of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES and ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER, among other works, is being sued for $500,000 by publisher Hachette for breach of contract.

* It's a little late for it this year, but check out the LeGuin Feminist Science Fiction Fellowship, which offers $3000 for travel to research and work with the papers of several feminist science fiction writers.  All of the details are here:

* Since the 2017 World Science Fiction will be held in Helsinki, the North American Science Fiction Convention is back and will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  So get ready for a good time at either convention!

* The Verge has created its list of 24 upcoming novels of science fiction/fantasy/horror/thrillers to look forward to this month.  This includes the American Library Edition of LeGuin’s Orsinian stories, and Nisi Shawl’s EVERFAIR, which we've been looking forward to for over a year. (And Nisi will be joining us at Borderlands for an EVERFAIR reading and signing October 2nd!)

* Another list of science fiction, fantasy and horror to look forward to, but this time on your television (or computer) screens.  After how amazing Jessica Jones was?  We can’t wait for Luke Cage to premiere.  Full list here:

* All arts inform and influence one another, and the results can be fascinating.  Which is why Gwenno, the Welsh musician who gains her inspiration from science fiction -- specifically dystopias full of robots and cloning -- is so interesting.  Read all about her here:

* The reviews for the movie Arrival, adapted from a Ted Chiang story, have started to come in and they all say it's beautiful.  We can’t wait.  Full review from Telegraph here:

* How well do you know your exotic foods?  How well do you know Science Fiction?  Can you tell them apart?  Take this handy-dandy quiz and see the truth of it.

* For a little science in your life that you can use to write some fiction, or just to win a pub trivia contest, read this article on the reproduction of Sea Urchins.  (The world is a fascinating place!)

* N.K. Jemisin, who just won the Hugo Award for her novel THE FIFTH SEASON, gives an excellent interview with the NY Times about writing, race, awards, and more.

* Do you need a good cry?  Or maybe you like to laugh at others' suffering?  Either way, this list of the saddest pets in Science Fiction is sure to touch you in some kind of way.  Just the mention of The Plague Dogs was enough to get us to tear up.

* The Massive Multiplayer Online game Eve Online is about to become free and I am excited. Controlling a ship in space, fighting and trading?  Since it seems the Firefly MMO will most likely never arrive, this could be the next best thing.

* A dissection of Margaret Atwood's latest book, a rumination on whether there is actually any difference between speculative fiction and science fiction, and Ursula LeGuin being wonderfully snarky.  This article in The Guardian brought a light to our lives:

* Computer brain chips are on their way!  Yes, for now it's about helping people and that's fantastic. . . but it's only a matter of time before they're turned to other uses.  (We know a few people who can't wait until Netflix is in their brain, for example.)

* With the GIANT caveat that very frequently posts dates for forthcoming books that have no relation to reality and are seemingly at random, the Internet is currently freaking out because maybe, possibly, perhaps, probably not, a date has been listed for George R.R. Martin's WINDS OF WINTER at Amazon France.  We're calling nonsense until we hear it from Random House, but here you go:

Award News

* The African Speculative Fiction Society has announced a new award for African writers, The Nommo - named after twins from Dogon cosmology.  Get details on it here:

* The Hugo Awards have been announced, and winners include N.K. Jemisin, Hao Jingfang, and Naomi Kritzer.  The full list of the winners is here:  For the full statistics on how the voting went, go here:

* Along with the Hugos, we now have the Alfies.  Created by George R. R. Martin, the Alfies present awards to the runner-ups that were pushed off the Hugo ballot by the Rapid Puppy slate.  (Brief background on the Rabid Puppies here, in case you've missed the hoopla:  The full Alfie list is here:

* The Chesley Awards, presented by the Association of Science-Fiction and Fantasy Artists, have just been announced.  List of winners is here:

* The Mythopoeic Awards have also been announced, and the winners include Naomi Novik, Ursula Vernon, and more.  Check out the full list here:

* In the last of our award news, The Sidewise Awards for alternate history have also announced their winners from 2015:

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