July 09, 2014

July News Roundup

*Overheard in the Store:
"Have you been watching 'Game of Thrones'?" "I gave up 'cause I'm tired of their bullsh*t."
"I feel kinda weird. I feel the way something strangely compelling tastes."
"Teach me the ways of love, squishy poet from beyond the stars."
5 year-old: "Mom, I basically have memories from 50 years ago." Mom: "You weren't born yet." 5 year-old: "THIS me wasn't, but I remember."
"You get a bunch of artists together in a room for a board meeting…Now THAT'S a stupid idea."

Do you remember Borderlands Press' wonderful Little Books series?  They've just announced a second series of Little Books, and according to the announcement, they "are contracting with 15 popular writers to do Little Books Series II, and currently have the following writers on board: David J. Schow, Ed Gorman, Jack Ketchum, Dennis Etchison, Rick Hautala, David Morrell, Ray Garton, Ed Lee, Karl Wagner, Chet Williamson, Laird Barron, Poppy Z. Brite, and Joe Hill. (several more writers to follow). All volumes in the series will be signed and numbered and limited to 500 copies. If you have buyers who want the same number throughout, we can accommodate."  The books retail for $30 each.  Please call us or email us if you'd like to subscribe and purchase all of the volumes of this very collectible and fun series.  More info about the series here: http://borderlandspress.com/coming-soon-series-ii-of-our-little-books/

Would you like to be a Blackguard Captain?  If you'll be attending our event with Brent Weeks on Thursday, August 28th, enter to win some prizes & the chance to hang out with Brent!  Just send an email to office@borderlands-books.com with a paragraph telling us about your favorite character from any of Brent's books by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on Sunday, July 27th.  We'll choose five lucky winners who will each get a tour t-shirt, a copy of THE BLACK PRISM to share with their friends, and an invitation to meet Brent at the store before the event!  We hope you'll enter, and good luck to all.

The finalists for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award have been announced! Congratulations to them all, and especially to Max Gladstone who has had several events at Borderlands.  Winners will be announced at MythCon 45 which will be held August 8-11.

We are saddened by the loss of Walter Dean Myers, an amazing mainstream YA author who dipped his toes into genre occasionally.  The first-ever winner of the Michael L. Printz award, five time Coretta Scott King Book Award winner, and three time nominee for the National Book Award, he passed away on July 1st after a brief illness.

Congratulations to SFWA's two new board members: Cat Rambo & Sarah Pinsker!

Check out these gorgeous Star Wars watercolor prints painted by a French fan. She has more and they are available for purchase on her website.

The David Gemmel Awards announced their winners.  Congratulations to Mark Lawrence, Brian McClellan and Jason Chan!

Guy Gavriel Kay was made a member of the Order of Canada.  (Does that means we have to call him Sir Kay now? Best do it just in case.) Congratulations Sir Kay!

Condolences to the family and friends of award-winning author Daniel Keyes who passed away last month. His novel "Flowers for Algernon" is still taught in schools all over the country.

True or not, this story about a dead girlfriend sending her boyfriend recycled messages and photos through Facebook is truly terrifying.  Don't dive in unless it's light out and you have people near you.

The Sunburst Award for excellence in Canadian Fantastic Literature has announced its shortlist for 2014. Congratulations to Nalo Hopkinson (who had a recent event at Borderlands,) and to all the other nominees.

Fans of Clive Barker and creepy fantastic horror rejoice! On the eve of its 25th anniversary and release on Blu-ray, "Nightbreed" is slated to become a TV series as well.

Sadly Angry Robot has closed down both their YA imprint, Strange Chemistry, and their crime/mystery imprint, Exhibit A.  All titles from those imprints are discontinued and no titles will be forthcoming.  So if you've been delaying trying out Martha Wells' fantastic Emilie series or Gwenda Bond's riveting The Woken Gods, now is the time to pick them up before the print run is gone.

Nour Saleh is an artist who wears a hijab and so she's taken to tumblr to share her drawings of herself as iconic heros complete with headscarves. Check out these gorgeous interpretations!

Locus announces the winners for their 2014 awards. Winners include Neil Gaiman, Ann Leckie and recent past Borderlands guests James S.A. Corey and Catherynne M. Valente. Congratulations to all the winners. For the complete list of winners:

Longtime editor and author Frank M. Robinson has passed away. Known for writing speeches for Harvey Milk and as a pulp magazine collector and scholar, Robinson was recently a recipient of a special SFWA award at the Nebulas.  We join with the rest of the community in mourning the passing of this well-loved San Francisco local.

The on/off switch for consciousness might have just been discovered by accident deep in the brain. A team placing deep brain electrodes in a woman's brain stimulated the claustrum and she immediate lost consciousness. Check out the full article at New Scientist:

The 2014 inductees into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame have been announced: Frank Frazetta, Hayao Miyazaki, Leigh Brackett, Olaf Stapledon and Stanley Kubrick.

An 80s movie for 2014: check out the hilarious review of Wolfcop, a classic for the ages to be sure...and I'm already getting my keys to head to the movie theater.

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