June 07, 2014

June Upcoming Events

Greg van Eekhout, CALIFORNIA BONES, (Tor, Hardcover, $24.99) Wednesday, June 11th at 7:00 pm

Jo Walton, MY REAL CHILDREN, (Tor, Hardcover, $25.99) Saturday, June 14th at 3:00 pm

James S.A. Corey, CIBOLA BURN (Orbit, Hardcover, $27.00) Saturday, June 21st at 3:00 pm

Juliet Blackwell, A VISION IN VELVET (Signet, Mass Market, $7.99) Kate Carlisle, THE BOOK STOPS HERE (New American Library, Hardcover, $24.95), and Gigi Pandian, PIRATE VISHNU (Henery Press, Trade Paperback, $15.95) Saturday, July 12th at 3:00 pm

MP Johnson, DUNGEONS AND DRAG QUEENS (Eraserhead Press, Trade Paperback) Sunday, July 13th at 3:00 pm

Richard Lupoff, WRITER VOL. 1 (Ramble House, Hardcover, $32.00, and Trade Paperback, $18.00), WRITER VOL. 2 (Ramble House, Hardcover, $32.00, and Trade Paperback, $20.00) & WHAT IF? VOL. 3 (Ramble House, Hardcover, $32.00, and Trade Paperback, $18.00) Saturday, July 19th at 3:00 pm

Greg van Eekhout, CALIFORNIA BONES, (Tor, Hardcover, $24.99) Wednesday, June 11th at 7:00 pm - Greg van Eekhout lives in Los Angeles and is the author of many short stories and several novels including NORSE CODE and the charmingly titled middle-grade adventure KID VS. SQUID.  However, I have to admit I'm most excited about his new novel CALIFORNIA BONES.  Here's the publisher's description: "When Daniel Blackland was six, he ingested his first bone fragment, a bit of kraken spine plucked out of the sand during a visit with his demanding, brilliant, and powerful magician father, Sebastian. Then, when Daniel was twelve, he watched Sebastian die at the hands of the Hierarch of Southern California, devoured for the heightened magic layered deep within his bones.  Now thirty, Daniel is a petty thief with a forged identity. Hiding amid the crowds in Los Angeles -- the capital of the Kingdom of Southern California -- he is trying to go straight. But his crime-boss uncle has a heist for Daniel to undertake: break into the the Hierarch’s storehouse of magical artifacts and retrieve Sebastian’s sword, an object of untold power.  Daniel assembles a trustworthy team of his closest friends from the criminal world. Moth, who can take a bullet and heal in mere minutes. Jo Morales, illusionist. The multitalented Cassandra, Daniel’s ex. And, new to them all, the enigmatic, knowledgeable Emma, with her British accent and her own grudge against the powers-that-be. The stakes are high, and the stage is set for a showdown that might just break the magic that protects a long-corrupt regime.  Extravagant, inventive, and shot through with moments of intensity as bright as the California sun, Daniel’s story is an epic adventure set in a city of canals and secrets and casual brutality -- different from the world we know, and yet also familiar and true."  We're looking forward to hosting Greg and checking out this incredible book; we certainly hope you'll join us!

Jo Walton, MY REAL CHILDREN, (Tor, Hardcover, $25.99) Saturday June 14th at 3:00 pm - In MY REAL CHILDREN, her first new novel since 2011's AMONG OTHERS (which won both the Nebula Award and Hugo Award for Best Novel) Jo Walton explores two different worlds and a woman who can't be sure which is real.  From the publisher's website: "It’s 2015, and Patricia Cowan is very old. 'Confused today,' read the notes clipped to the end of her bed.  She forgets things she should know -- what year it is, major events in the lives of her children.  But she remembers things that don't seem possible.  She remembers marrying Mark and having four children.  And she remembers not marrying Mark and raising three children with Bee instead.  She remembers the bomb that killed President Kennedy in 1963, and she remembers Kennedy in 1964, declining to run again after the nuclear exchange that took out Miami and Kiev.  Her childhood, her years at Oxford during the Second World War -- those were solid things.  But after that, did she marry Mark or not?  Did her friends all call her Trish, or Pat?  Had she been a housewife who escaped a terrible marriage after her children were grown, or a successful travel writer with homes in Britain and Italy?  And the moon outside her window: does it host a benign research station, or a command post bristling with nuclear missiles?  Two lives, two worlds, two versions of modern history; each with their loves and losses, their sorrows and triumphs."

James S.A. Corey, CIBOLA BURN (Orbit, Hardcover, $27.00) Saturday June 21st at 3:00 pm - Come join Daniel Abraham & Ty Franck (collectively known as James S.A. Corey) as they celebrate the release of CIBOLA BURN with a Q&A and signing at Borderlands! CIBOLA BURN is the fourth book in their series The Expanse, which has been nominated for various awards and was recently optioned as a TV series for Syfy.  Fun, exciting space opera with mysterious galactic history and complex characters awaits.  From the publisher's website: "The gates have opened the way to a thousand new worlds and the rush to colonize has begun.  Settlers looking for a new life stream out from humanity’s home planets.  Illus, the first human colony on this vast new frontier, is being born in blood and fire.  Independent settlers stand against the overwhelming power of a corporate colony ship with only their determination, courage and the skills learned in the long wars of home.  Innocent scientists are slaughtered as they try to survey a new and alien world.  James Holden and the crew of his one small ship are sent to make peace in the midst of war and sense in the heart of chaos.  But the more he looks at it, the more Holden thinks the mission was meant to fail.  And the whispers of a dead man remind him that the great galactic civilization which once stood on this land is gone.  And that something killed them."

Juliet Blackwell, A VISION IN VELVET (Signet, Mass Market, $7.99) Kate Carlisle, THE BOOK STOPS HERE (New American Library, Hardcover, $24.95), and Gigi Pandian, PIRATE VISHNU (Henery Press, Trade Paperback, $15.95) Saturday, July 12th at 3:00 pm -  Do you like witches or pirates?  (We know you like books!)  Why choose when you can enjoy all three at this event?  Juliet Blackwell, Kate Carlisle, and Gigi Pandian return to their respective series, with even more mystery, magic and pirates.   Come celebrate the release of three books!  In A VISION IN VELVET, the sixth in Blackwell's Witchcraft Mystery series, Lily must save someone very important to her, her pot-bellied pig familiar Oscar.  A witch is reaching out from the past, through her velvet cloak, and it's up to Lily to decide whether she is friend or foe and to prepare to fight if she must.  In THE BOOK STOPS HERE, rare-book expert and appraiser Brooklyn Wainwright is thrilled to be appearing on the San Francisco edition of the hit TV show This Old Attic.  Her first subject is a very valuable (and likely very dangerous) first-edition copy of The Secret Garden.  Then the show's host, Randolph, is accosted by an angry man who says the book was purchased on the cheap at his garage sale, and he wants it back, or else.  Can she protect Randolph and herself?  The past also reaches out in PIRATE VISHNU, Pandian's second Jaya Jones mystery.  Historian Jones is stuck not only dealing with her complicated love life but also trying to solve two murders a century apart and decipher a treasure map left by one of her ancestors, the Pirate Vishnu of the title.  If she succeeds she could very well rediscover sacred jewels thought lost forever . . .  and if she fails she could end up being the next one to walk the plank.

MP Johnson, DUNGEONS AND DRAG QUEENS (Eraserhead Press, Trade Paperback) Sunday July 13th at 3:00 pm - Borderlands is proud and tickled as pink as Ms. LaRuse's wig to welcome MP Johnson for the release for his latest work, DUNGEONS AND DRAG QUEENS.  It is quite simply everything you've always wanted in a fantasy novel and didn't know how to ask for.  Drag Queens! Wizards! Monsters! Fabulous Wigs! And more! When Sleazella LaRuse, the reigning queen-of-queens of Green Bay, ends up in a completely different world as the intended bride of the serpent god Houmak, she must use all of her guile, skills, and lip-synching prowess to make her way, survive and maybe find love along the way. A delicious mix of irreverent humor, sword-and-sorcery and Drag-attude.  Even if you've never been into drag you'll be into this simply because it's a great adventure story that never goes where you expect.

Richard Lupoff, WRITER VOL. 1 (Ramble House, Trade Paperback, $18.00), WRITER VOL. 2 (Ramble House, Trade Paperback, $20.00) & WHAT IF? VOL. 3 (Ramble House, Trade Paperback, $18.00) Saturday July 19th at 3:00 pm - Celebrated author Dick Lupoff comes to Borderlands for the release of three books.  Read behind-the-scenes stories of triumphs and hardships in WRITER VOL. 1 & 2.  Memoir, criticism, analysis and anecdotes combine and inform each other and give the reader a real idea of what it means to be a working writer for 60 years.  If you've enjoyed Richard Lupoff's work in the past, dig into these books to see what was happening behind the stories.  Lupoff is also presenting the long awaited WHAT IF? VOL. 3, decades after VOL. 1 & 2.  Lupoff returns to collect stories that were eligible for the Hugo, and in Lupoff's opinion should have won.  Collecting stories from 1966-1973, it includes works by Joanna Russ, Samuel Delany, Gene Wolfe, Ursula LeGuin, and more!

Borderlands event policy - all events are free of charge.  You are welcome to bring copies of an author's books purchased elsewhere to be autographed (but we do appreciate it if you purchase something while at the event).  For most events you are welcome to bring as many books as you wish for autographs.  If you are unable to attend the event we will be happy to have a copy of any of the author's available books signed or inscribed for you.  We can then either hold the book(s) until you can come in to pick them up or we can ship to you.  Just give us a call or drop us an email.  If you live out of town, you can also ship us books from your collection to be signed for a nominal fee.  Call or email for details.

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