May 13, 2014

Declare the Lost Wise Queer Noises of Vengeance

What the staff is reading this week. . .

Alan: PASTIME by Robert Parker.

Cary: "Re-reading Patrick Rothfuss: I'm on WISE MAN'S FEAR right now."

Claud: "LATIN: Story Of A World Language, by J├╝rgen Leonhardt (amazing); HOW TO BE GAY, by David M. Halperin; DECLARE, by Tim Powers (reread); BURNING BRIGHT, DREAMSHIPS, DREAMING METAL, and TROUBLE AND HER FRIENDS, by Melissa Scott (all rereads); QUEER NOISES: Male And Female Homosexuality In Twentieth-Century Music, by John Gill; INDUSTRIAL CULTURE HANDBOOK, by Research; THE BUDDHA OF SUBURBIA, by Hanif Kureishi (reread)."

Jude: "THE THREE by Sarah Lotz (wonderful and scary!); an ARC of LAND OF SHADOWS by Rachel Howzell Hall; THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BAD TASTE by Jane and Michael Stern; T IS FOR TRESPASS; U IS FOR UNDERTOW; V IS FOR VENGEANCE by Sue Grafton; THE AXE FACTOR by Colin Cotterill; PASTIME; DOUBLE DEUCE; PAPER DOLL; and WALKING SHADOW by Robert Parker."

Naamen: "Sarah Beth Durst, LOST - just started it, the story of a young woman who gets trapped in the city of Lost where all lost things turn up, and her determination to get out and back to her mother. Very atmospheric writing, really messed up people (wouldn't you be?) and a heroine with a lot of heart.  Definitely one I recommend picking up."

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