April 04, 2014

Raising Sharp Unwritten Provident Martians

What the staff is currently reading:

Alan: "Reading BALEFIRES by David Drake.  Re-reading, actually.  Damn but there's some great stories in that collection.  Especially Hunting Ground (which I just finished)."

Cary: "RAISING STEAM by Terry Pratchett, THE MARTIAN by Andrew Weir, and
some of the Jeeves book by P.G. Wodehouse."

Claud:"PAYOFF and SHARP, by Alex Hughes; THE UNWRITTEN (up through Volume 8), by Mike Carey and Peter Gross; MISS Z, THE DARK YOUNG LADY, by Angela Carter; THE EGYPTOLOGIST, by Arthur Phillips; QUANTUM MOON, by Denise Vitola (reread); HALF A KING, by Joe Abercrombie; CITY BOY: My Life In New York In The 1960s And 70s, by Edmund White; THE KING IN YELLOW AND OTHER HORROR STORIES, by Robert W. Chambers (reread, because of TRUE DETECTIVE); HOLDING ON UPSIDE DOWN: The Life And Work Of Marianne Moore, by Linda Leavell (very good); and IMAGES OF MAN AND DEATH, by Philippe Ariès."

Jeremy:"CHANCE by Kem Nunn and ACT OF PROVIDENCE by Joseph Payne Brennan."

Jude: "DANGEROUS WOMEN edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois (picked it up for the fun Joe Abercrombie and then got hooked -- wow,  Megan Abbott's My Heart is Either Broken is a brilliant gut punch of a story!); P IS FOR PERIL; Q IS FOR QUARRY; R IS FOR RICOCHET; and S IS FOR SILENCE by Sue Grafton, PALISADES PARK by Alan Brennert; GHOST HUNTING IN MONTANA by Barnaby Conrad III; JULIE AND JULIA by Julie Powell; and HIGH PROFILE by Robert B. Parker (I don't like the Jesse Stone novels nearly as much as the Spenser novels)."

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