February 11, 2014

January News Roundup

* If you missed Rudy Rucker's talk, Q&A, and "art tour" in January, you can listen to it here! http://www.rudyrucker.com/blog/mp3/rucker_borderlands_big_aha_show_jan_17_2014.mp3 . Rudy's paintings will be on display in the Cafe until March 15th.

* The Locus Poll and Survey Ballot is now online.  The deadline for voting is April 15th, 2014: http://www.locusmag.com/Magazine/2014/PollAndSurvey.html

* "Boom: A Journal of California" interviews Kim Stanley Robinson, and the interview is fascinating: http://www.boomcalifornia.com/2014/01/kim-stanley-robinson/

* i09.com asked top authors and editors what books they'd recommend for converting friends who don't read within the genre into genre readers.  The resulting suggestions are very interesting: http://io9.com/the-best-entry-level-science-fiction-books-to-convert-1510802842

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