May 09, 2013

April News Roundup

* 7x7 Magazine mentions Borderlands in their article "Seven Two-in-One Coffee Shops to Give Your Caffeine Routine a Jolt".  Thanks, guys!  <>

* The winners of the Edgar Awards were just announced on May 2nd.  Congratulations to the winners and to all of the nominees!  <>

* West Virginia is considering a bill to make teaching science fiction in schools compulsory.  Not only is this awesome, but it's NOT an article from "The Onion". <>

* presents: Fun with Radium! <>

* It's time to retire "Boob Plate" Armor, argues Emily Asher-Perrin on  Because it would kill you.

* We're sorry to report the death of special effects pioneer (and wizard) Ray Harryhausen at age 92. <>

* Wow, just . . . wow.  Check out the synopsis for this were-hedgehog paranormal romance.  You read it right, a were-hedgehog. <>

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