April 19, 2013

Clearance Section and Sidewalk Sale

I mentioned previously that we had made part of the space for our mystery section by sorting through our horror and used paperback sections.  As a result, we came across quite a few books that we either had more copies of than we needed or that had been sitting on our shelves for too long.  Right now they are all in a clearance section at the right rear of the store and they're half-price.  That discount will be increasing as we get closer to May 11th, which is the date of the big Valencia St. sidewalk sale.  At noon on that day we're going to be putting all the clearance books out for _crazy_ low prices.  But for now, come on by and take a look at what you can pick-up for a discount.  And, I should point out, these are not "bad" books . . . well, some of them are . . . but many of them are books that, for whatever reason, just didn't sell quickly enough.  There are quite a few titles from small presses like Ash-Tree, Delirium, Cemetery Dance and Subterranean as well as a huge assortment of SF and fantasy paperbacks.

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