March 12, 2013

February News Roundup

* Clarion West presents one-day writing workshops with Daryl Gregory, Mary Rosenblum, and John Crowley!  See the link for details:

* John Scalzi's unconventional (and delightful) response to a persistent troll caught the attention of The Guardian UK:

* Check out this 1968 "it gets better" letter . . . from Mr. Spock

* Spot the Tuckerization in this blog post about Mary Robinette Kowal's new novel -- thanks, Mary!:

* We're trying to help local Precita Eyes raise $3000 to rent the scaffold they need to finish the gorgeous mural they've begun on the side of Borderlands' building (facing into the Mission Playground).  We've got a collection box in the store if you can help out.  And, crazy extra special thanks to Laura, who helped out with the design of the mural and included Ripley in it!  The next time you're by the store, see if you can find the hairless cat in the painting.

* Our friends at The Other Change of Hobbit have moved.  Watch their website for updates on their new address and re-opening.

* Borderlands Cafe will be hosting another free University of the Commons class starting in May.  We're still nailing down the details and dates, but the theme will be "Zombie Apocalypse and the Utopian Tradition".  (How cool is that?!)

* Borderlands will be hosting the Mass Autographing Session at this year's Nebula Awards in San Jose in May.  We're excited to take part and hope you'll be able to attend.  We'll have more details about the Awards and the autograph session coming soon.

* Random House promotes a pretty evil new style of contract for ebooks, gets called out by John Scalzi & The Science Fiction Writers of America and backs down.  Check out these links in order to get the context of the story -

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