December 20, 2012

Mocking Mrs. Pollifax's Midnight Blue Thirst for Hydrogen

We've been so busy with the holidays that I've forgotten to post what the staff is reading for a few weeks!  Here's our current reading:

Alan: "MOCKINGBIRD by Chuck Wendig."

Claud: "MRS. POLLIFAX PURSUED, MRS. POLLIFAX, INNOCENT TOURIST, MRS. POLLIFAX AND THE LION KILLER, and MRS. POLLIFAX UNVEILED, by Dorothy Gilman (rereads); WOLF HALL and BRING UP THE BODIES, by Hilary Mantel (awesome historical fiction); THE HYDROGEN SONATA, by Iain M. Banks (best Culture novel in years); THE RESCUE ARTIST: A True Story Of Art, Thieves, And The Hunt For A Missing Masterpiece, by Edward Dolnick; RED COUNTRY,  by Joe Abercrombie; A MURDER IS ANNOUNCED, by Agatha Christie; FAIREST: Wide Awake, by Bill Willingham; THE CHOSEN FEW: How Education Shaped Jewish History, 70-1492, by Maristella Botticini and Zvi Eckstein (amazing economic history of Judaism); THE PLAYER OF GAMES, by Iain M. Banks (reread); THE ALIENIST and THE ANGEL OF DARKNESS, by Caleb Carr (rereads); GEORGETTE HEYER: A Critical Retrospective, by Mary Fahnestock-Thomas; and WHOSE BODY?, by Dorothy L. Sayers (reread)."

Cole: "I've been re-reading THE PRINCESS BRIDE as well as THE SCIENCE FICTION HALL OF FAME VOL. 1."

Jude: "I finished the advance copy of MIDNIGHT BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL by Seanan McGuire, which was even better than the first book in the series, and I'm currently reading SIN IN THE SECOND CITY: Madams, Ministers, Playboys, and the Battle for America's Soul by Karen Abbott."

Naamen: "Currently reading an advanced copy of MIDNIGHT BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL by Seanan McGuire. It has everything that made me like the first book (DISCOUNT ARMAGEDDON) and seems to be building into a massive good versus evil showdown which I always love.   Also just started EARTH THIRST by Mark Teppo; not that deep into it yet but vampires who want to save the environment/earth from wasteful humans and rampaging multinational corporations? I'll bite. "

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