October 26, 2012

Spellcrossed, Fairy-Tale Cold Hydrogen Safari

What the staff is reading this week:

Alan:"CHARLATAN: AMERICA'S MOST DANGEROUS HUCKSTER, THE MAN WHO PURSUED HIM, AND THE AGE OF FLIMFLAM by Pope Brock.  Non-fiction about the scariest quack doctor of the 20th century. Compelling and absolutely horrible."

Cary: "SPELLCROSSED by Barbara Ashford."

Claud:"SOME KIND OF FAIRY TALE, by Graham Joyce; A PALM FOR MRS. POLLIFAX and MRS. POLLIFAX ON SAFARI, by Dorothy Gilman (re-reads); and SMILLA'S SENSE OF SNOW, by Peter Hoeg (another re-read)."

Heather: "Starting BEST SERVED COLD by Joe Abercrombie. :)"

Jude: "I've come back to HYDROGEN SONATA by Iain M. Banks after having been distracted for a while."

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