September 21, 2012

Leftover Whispered Melodies

What the staff is reading this week:

Alan: "Just finished WHISPERS UNDERGROUND by Ben Aaronovitch, which was just as good as the other two books in the series (MIDNIGHT RIOT and MOON OVER SOHO).  I'm just about to dive into Iain M. Banks' new Culture novel, THE HYDROGEN SONATA (which isn't out quite yet - I got an advance copy but it'll be on sale next month)."

Cary: "SPIRITS THAT WALK IN SHADOW by Nina Kiriki Hoffman."

Claud: "THE LEFTOVERS, by Tom Perrotta; KING LEOPOLD'S GHOST: A STORY OF GREED, TERROR AND HEROISM IN COLONIAL AFRICA, by Adam Hochschild; GOD'S WAR, by Kameron Hurley; MYRA BRECKINRIDGE, by Gore Vidal -- a reread; INFIDEL, by Kameron Hurley; and THE SEVEN WONDERS, by Steven Saylor."

Jude: "Just finished I STILL DREAM ABOUT YOU by Fannie Flagg, and now reading A SIMPLE HABANA MELODY by Oscar Hijuelos."

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