June 11, 2012

The Hot Tinderbox's Storm of 1493 Etiquette

What the staff is reading this week, (and caution about Heather's post to those who are hyper-spoiler-sensitive, although it's hardly a spoiler. . .):

Alan: "Just finished burning through John Ringo's sequels to LIVE FREE OR DIE -- CITADEL and THE HOT GATE.  Space battles!  Wealthy industrialists!  Young men and women growing up and defending their species!  Hey, did Robert Heinlein write that novel?  Anyway, good escapist fun and now I'm not sure what I'm reading next.  Any suggestions?"

Cary: "An advance copy of THE LONG EARTH by Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett."

Claud: "RAILSEA by China Mieville -- great book, though I'm still not convinced that the world needed MOBY DICK as a weird fiction YA
1493: UNCOVERING THE NEW WORLD COLUMBUS CREATED by Charles C. Mann -- wonderful, espc. the samurai in Conquistador-era Mexico
TINDERBOX: HOW THE WEST SPARKED THE AIDS EPIDEMIC AND HOW THE WORLD CAN FINALLY OVERCOME IT, Craig Timberg and David Halperin -- good, espc. the forensic history at the beginning."

Heather: "Almost at the end of STORM OF SWORDS.  You know, the part right after George R. R. Martin #*%$^&! KILLS EVERYBODY."

Jude: "I'm almost finished with an advance copy of ETIQUETTE & ESPIONAGE by Gail Carriger.  This is the start of her young adult series that takes place about 20 years (?) before the events of SOULLESS."

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