March 01, 2012

March News Roundup

* Ebook agency sales model under fire from the Department of Justice.  The DoJ is planning on suing Apple and five of the big six US publishers for anti-trust statute violations stemming from their adoption of the "agency model" for ebook sales.  The results of this dispute are liable to shape bookselling for publishers, authors, readers and booksellers for a long time to come.  Details here and here .

* Don't miss the Borderlands Spring Rummage Sale coming up May 12th!  When you keep a store in one space for more than ten years, all sorts of interesting stuff tends to accumulate, so come and look for bargains on cool and bizarre things that ended up in the basement.  More details to follow in next month's newsletter.

* Thanks to Locus Magazine for the following: author Frank Robinson is auctioning off his entire mind-blowing collection of pulp magazines, "including complete files of all science fiction magazines from 1926 through 1990. Condition on the items is “near mint” to “mint,” and titles include such gems as Amazing Stories, Miracle Science and Fantasy, SCOOPS (the first British science fiction magazine, from 1932) and more. Included are the first Arkham editions of Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. For more information, contact"

* Del Rey Spectra and Suvudu are calling for fan art to enhance their science fiction and fantasy characters' cage match!  (This time there are 64 characters involved.)  I don't even know how to begin explaining this to you, so I'm just going to link to it:

* J.K. Rowling's next book will be an adult book, and a radical departure from Harry Potter:

* Congratulations to the 2011 Nebula Nominees!  The complete list is here:

* Two "A Game of Thrones" Season Two trailers! (1) , (2)

* Deeply disturbing: THE SHINING mashed up with "Toy Story" for "Toy Shining":

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