August 01, 2011

August News Roundup

* Would you like to buy the house J.G. Ballard lived in for nearly 50 years?  It's for sale for about $520,000.  <>  Having read HIGH RISE, though, I doubt I'd ever sleep comfortably there.

* Inspired by some quite dismissive reviews of HBO's "Game of Thrones" (actually dismissive commentary on the whole fantasy genre masquerading as dismissive reviews of this program,) Jacqueline Carey has posted an eloquent defense of fantasy readers, with a bit of help from _her_ readers: <>

* As Alan suggested about three years ago < (scroll down a bit to the "From the Office" article)>, giant bookstore chain Borders Books will be liquidated, instead of successfully surviving bankruptcy. <>

* In other bookselling news, there is a rumor going around that Apple might be looking at buying Barnes and Noble <>.  Though it seems insane on the face of it, B&N's Nook is the second most popular ebook readers in the US and B&N has been for sale for months, so . . . .

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