June 01, 2011

June News Roundup

*  A note to our newsletter readers, genre historians and geeks-in-general: Bud Webster, SFWA's Estates Liaison, writing in "Black Gate", mentioned that he could use a hand finding out who now represents the work of the following authors.  If you have any information that might assist him, please contact him care of "Black Gate": <http://www.blackgate.com>.  And a further note to writers out there -- please, for the love of dingoes, once you've published some stuff, do some estate planning!  Don't leave future generations to boggle over whom to ask if they can reprint your work.  His article about that is here: <http://www.blackgate.com/2011/05/29/estate-your-business-please/>

Here are the authors for whom Mr. Webster is seeking representation info: Christopher Anvil, Jerome Bixby, Ronald Anthony Cross, Lloyd Arthur Eshbach, Raymond Z. Gallun, Chester Geier, Wyman Guin, Colin Kapp, P. Schuyler Miller, Kris Neville, Rog Phillips, Ross Rocklynn, T. L. Sherred, Wilmar H. Shiras, George H. Smith, George O. Smith, Angus Wells, and Wallace West.

* Steven R. Boyett, <http://www.steveboy.com/> author of ARIEL and ELEGY BEACH, did an amazing reading at FogCon in March.  If you'd like to hear the pieces, the links are below.  You may also hear the first two chapters here: <http://www.mortalitybridge.com/>.



* Charlie Jane Anders (of Writers With Drinks and i09.com fame) wrote a very flattering article about Borderlands bookstore and Cafe for The Open Bar at Tin House (an online magazine): <http://www.tinhouse.com/blog/>.  Thanks very much!

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