December 01, 2009

Overheard at the Store

Okay, so normally this section is called "Overheard at the Con," and we only print it when we attend conventions & overhear things at them.  Well, you guys are just so gosh-darn quotable that we'll be expanding the section to include funny, out-of-context things we occasionally overhear at the store, too.  (And no fair oh-so-casually dropping funny quotes just so we'll include them in the newsletter!)

"I don't know, it was disturbing - there's just something about Lolita with a whip."

"My parents are FedEx-ing smoked turkey and green-beans to the bookstore for me.  Can you sign for that?"

"This poem is about "Gilligan's Island".  Then The Skipper starts tearing peoples' legs off."

"Build a man a fire and you've kept him warm for the night; light a man on fire and you've kept him warm for the rest of his life."

"Sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice."

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