November 01, 2009

Overheard at The World Fantasy Convention

This is a feature that appears periodically, as we attend conventions and overhear things.  The tradition of keeping track of anonymous overheard bits and bobs started for us at the 2002 ConJose in San Jose, where trying (or trying not to) fill in the blanks on overheard conversations made us laugh so much that we made it a tradition.  In this issue we share the newest "overheards" from the World Fantasy Convention which took place in San Jose over Halloween weekend.

"She never got naked, she just rubbed lemons all over herself."

"Do NOT gesture with the snake, Ma'm!"

"I'm filling Johnathan's hole with zombies."

"So when we finally got the trunk open, there was Rodney, stripped down to his tighty-whities, pouring pink Slurpee all over himself while all these senior citizens gawked."

"We shared one hit off a bong with Lily Tomlin before her parents showed up."

"Every time Paolo thinks about zombie sex, a fairie explodes."

"How quaint! They have gorgonzola-walnut scones and a werewolf in a bowler hat."

"Nothing like a relationship drama that leads to helicopter crashes - it feels so true to life."

"One of the things I have on my resume under 'Additional Skills' is 'Scenic Proctologist' - pulling set designs out of my ass".

"It was good while I ate it."

"It looks like she has more hair but she just has less head."

"Maybe it's the beer, but did I just see a bunch of steampunk pizza delivery girls go by?"

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