September 01, 2009

Overheard at The World Science Fiction Convention

This is a feature that appears periodically, as we attend conventions and overhear things.  The tradition of keeping track of anonymous overheard bits and bobs started for us at the 2002 ConJose in San Jose, where trying (or trying not to) fill in the blanks on overheard conversations made us laugh so much that we made it a tradition.  In this issue we share the newest "overheards" from the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal.  This year was especially fruitful for quotes, not all of which could be printed!

1: "I just wondered if he had a function at all."
2: "Ah ha, look at me being tactful! And silent."

"Australians keep New Zelanders around to **** sheep for us!"

"I was the bouncer at a pinball arcade in Ann Arbor, Michigan called The Cross-Eyed Moose."

"People with tattoos on their eyes buy art."

"There are some things I don't mind you doing to my wife. Mutual tattooing is not one of them."

"Attending Comic-Con is like swimming through a sea of human meat."

"You must be a writer because you're dressed so well."

"And now they're swabbing the air conditioner with giant q-tips!"

"If she ends up licking his burger, I'm totally taking pictures."

"I rely upon the meekness of strangers to get me through life."

"Tor has just agreed to buy our new anthology, 'Tales of the Callused [Omitted]'!"

"How do you tip strippers in Montreal?"

"I've got two words for you: shut the **** up!"

"Bauderlaire & tentacles? I think we've got a pitch for the Jane Austen zombie guys."

"Sometimes I think the tool chest of literary criticism is overflowing with cow turds."

To a famous editor: "I really have no interest in putting your foot in my mouth."

"How would history have been changed if Winston Churchill had been Elmer Fudd?"

"When you use bread you don't have to wear a mask."

"People would like to look back on the future fondly."

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