April 01, 2008

Overheard In The Store

This is a feature that appears periodically, usually as we attend conventions and overhear things. The tradition of keeping track of anonymous overheard bits and bobs started for us at the 2002 ConJose in San Jose, where trying (or trying not to) fill in the blanks on overheard conversations made us laugh so much that we made it a tradition. There wasn't much to report from the recent World Horror Convention, but there are plenty of funny things to overhear here at the store:

*"Now THIS is a work of absolute genius on par with the Sistine Chapel." - (Customer, brandishing the graphic novel V FOR VENDETTA at her friend.)

*"The next Goth club I go to, I'm totally going dressed as a Pilgrim."

*"There's no way that kid is making it through high school without a collection of dead birds in his locker." - (Author, discussing the character Charlie Brown)

*"Externalizing your organs is a sign of maturity." - (Bookseller, World Horror Convention)

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