Haight St. Photos

June 4th, 2020

It's been a very, very long time since I've posted any pictures of the building on Haight St.  I'll try to do some catchup over the next few months but, here are the really big deal images.

Sheetrock Work Mostly Complete

Immediately after the previous tenant left and the place was empty.
After we completed the initial demolition work.

Rear wall closed but bathroom not built.
Last week.
Front Tile Completed

Simon Firth of Canterbury Tile did an extraordinary job with the front tile work.  The tile in the vestibule (which is behind the "don't mess up the entry" plywood, is not totally complete but you can get a sense of it in the pictures of the mural below.
Thanks to artist Eli The Man and the folks at Paint The Void, we got a mural, free of charge for the front of the place.  It's a really cool piece of work and I especially love how the design changes depending on whether the outer doors are open or closed.

January 14th, 2018

Welcome to the first posted album of Borderlands West pictures.  I know that blogger isn't the best place for posting high detail pictures like these but . . . I'm awful short on time and this was super easy.  Getting a better system in place is on the (seemingly endless) list but I didn't want to wait any longer to show you what is going to be our pride and joy.  

"Going to be" is the operative term here.  As you'll see, the old lady needs a little bit of a make-over.

The Bookstore

Close to the end of Recycled Records' tenure.  The boxes lined
up are full of records on their way to the Internet Archive.
Please note the drooping ceiling tiles, the lovely lighting, and the
single door in the rear wall.  I think that the stuffed animal
hanging from the ceiling is a nice touch.  Gives a homey feel
. . . if you're Ted Bundy.
Here you see the place empty once all the records and fixtures
are gone.  Who knew that there was another door back there?
And a window too?  As far as we can tell the carpet is
two-tone because the previous owner decided to replace
the old orange carpet but didn't want to bother with
moving the fixtures.  So they just cut around them.
One of the happiest days.  Tearing down the nasty drop ceiling.
The full ceiling height is 13 feet (two feet taller than the
current store).  Jude and Salem are in the foreground.
As you can see, Jude's having a great time.  We're starting to see
the bones of the place and they're pretty good.  This was shot
facing the front wall with the back yard behind me.
And here's how the upstairs looks now.  That torn open wall
on the left is the inside of the light well.  Since we're going
to be removing it for sure, it made sense to open it up.  That
also allowed the structural engineer to take a good look at the
framing.  Also on the left, see how much more open it is
without the wall separating the basement stair from the
rest of the place.  We're going to keep it that way and put
counter in front of it.  Sorry that this shot is so dark; I'll put up
a better one soon.

The Backyard

This was shot from the back door before we started work.
I figured that the ivy was rooted all over the yard and that
it was going to be a monster job to get it out.  We had a big
crew of hard workers but I still figured it would be a multi-day

Here's Melinda, the owner of Botanika Gardens, tearing out the
Ivy along the west retaining wall.  Melinda is a sponsor and has
kindly offered to do our garden design.  Her help and planning
this day was absolutely invaluable.

Now working along the east retaining wall.  The ivy came off
the walls really well but we were still worried about what the
ground would be like.  Atop the wall is Eloise.  Her day-job
is as a theater tech and she's like a mountain goat.  She spent
the whole day working along the 2 foot wide top of the wall,
ten feet up in the air.  She said it was very comfortable.
Once they'd finished getting the ivy down I
thought I'd give it a try.  I've a good head for
heights but I wouldn't call it "comfortable".
My friend and sometimes Borderlands staffer,
Claud, seemed to think it was very amusing.
And here's most of the crew who did the job.  You'll notice
that they're standing on concrete.  When we started pulling up
the ivy on the ground we discovered that it was only rooted in
about six inches of soil and compost that had overlain the
(probably) original concrete.  It was heavy as hell but it came
up pretty easy.
A panoramic view of the whole yard as taken from the
back doors.  It's a pretty good size space and I'm confident
that Melinda is going to make it into something extraordinary.

The Basement

Here's the back of the basement, filled with stuff from the days
of Recycled Records.  Note the 45 rpm record on the post in
top center of the picture.  It's that thing that looks like a bulls-
See the record?  This is the same spot after it was all cleared
out.  This is where we'll be putting the woodshop.

Another "before" shot.  This is the middle of the
basement, facing south.

And here's the same spot but shot facing north and after all the
crap had been removed.  See all those posts?  Quite a forest.  I
counted -- this building is smaller that the one we're in, but it
has 33 posts in the basement as compared to the 10 in our
current place.  A little bit of overkill, by any standard.

The Plans

Below you'll find the current set of existing condition plans as drawn up by our architect.  The top of the drawing is roughly north and faces Haight Street.  The lightwell that we're going to remove is the rectangle on the middle of the right wall.  The existing bathroom is just up from there.  That bathroom will get a bit wider and about twice as long to accommodate ADA accessibility standards.  The counter will be to the left of the stairs going down to the basement (which are just up from the bathroom).