Borderlands Is Open

Borderlands is open!  For now, our hours will be 11 am to 6 pm, seven days a week.  We can't tell you how happy and excited we are to be able to welcome you back to the shop.

Like most businesses, we've made a few changes in the interest of staff and customer safety;  

1)  You'll need to wear a face covering to come in the shop.

2)  Please plan on cleaning your hands with the provided sanitizer when you come in (be careful, the current pump is . . . enthusiastic).  If you prefer to wear gloves, that's fine but we'll ask that you remove them, sanitize your hands, and then put on a fresh pair.

3)  We're limiting total occupancy to 10 people, including staff, so it's possible that you might need to wait to come in or come back a bit later.

4)  We'd really prefer that you pay by credit or debit card, rather than cash.  But, if you really want to use cash, you certainly can.  For safety, we will not be mixing the cash we get from customers with our change supply (so the change you get will not have another customer's cooties on it).

5)  And, we request that your stay at least six feet away from other customers and staff.  Since our shelves are three feet wide, as long as you keep one full shelf between you and other customers you should be just fine.

We've taken several steps to make the store more suitable for the current situation.  The counter area is now equipped with glass and plastic barriers like you've seen in other stores (but, ours are, I think, much more stylish).  I've also covered the counter with a very spiffy cheap-Italian-restaurant-style plastic tablecloth so that we can sanitize it more easily and effectively (but, you'll have to bring your own Chianti).  And, there are a bunch of Star-Wars-meets-Bed-Bath-and-Beyond-looking HEPA air filters scattered all around the shop.  Together they can filter the air in the whole place five or six times per hour.  All those steps, combined with the steps mentioned above should make the bookstore a pretty safe place to work and shop.  If you have questions about any of our practices, please drop us a line or give a call.

If you would prefer not to come in the shop, we will still be doing curbside pickup ( and filling mail orders ( just as we have been.

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