August 08, 2017

August News

* Overheard in the Store:

"GIVE ME THAT KEY, or I'm going to pee on your giraffe!"

"Don't you rain on my Yak Milk Parade!"

"I'm gonna be twiddling my thumbs the entire weekend while he draws Ninja Turtles on peoples' boobs."

* George Romero, arguably the father of the modern zombie movie, has passed away from complications related to lung cancer. R.I.P.

* In the past month we sadly lost science fiction writer Jeff Carlson, also to lung cancer.

* An essay about Star Trek's connection with Revolutionary Socialism, with a few interesting history nuggets about science fiction authors & their own brushes with different political ideologies.

* Ta-Nehisi Coates takes to The Atlantic to explain why black people are having such a negative reaction to the announcement of HBO's alternative history show "Confederate," and why these types of alternative histories are a problem in general.

* Penthouse Magazine files an intellectual property lawsuit, and also announces that they intend to relaunch a print version of Omni Magazine.

* San Francisco's AT&T store gets a "Game of Thrones" touch:

* A list of SF/F literature's top ten sidekicks! Number one wasn't much of a surprise, but some of the others were.

* An excellent essay by author Max Gladstone on why science fiction and fantasy is so important as the world becomes even more fantastical.

* As the cultural zeitgeist around dystopias grows, Angelica Jade Bastien asks an important question over at Vulture: Why Don’t Dystopias Know How To Talk About Race?

* No designer babies yet.  Thank goodness, because we don't have our bunkers all set up for the wars that will follow.

* Recursor.TV brings much of the indie, local, and web-produced science fiction to one website, divided by sub-genres so you don't have to search blindly on Youtube for that unknown SF gem.

* Not sure about Recursor.TV?  Well, here are the 18 best science fiction movies on Netflix right now:

* "Rick & Morty" is righteous science fiction!  Damn right.

* Grammy nominee launches his first novel, a science fiction tale, along with a concert of its accompanying soundtrack.

* Take a gander at some of the weird "science" projects the USSR undertook in the rush to get an upper hand on the U.S.

* Next stop, "Jurassic Park"! What could possibly go wrong?

* Speaking of "what could possibly go wrong?", Disney is opening an immersive/interactive "Star Wars" hotel, where each guest gets a storyline.  "Westworld," anyone?

* A little profane, but completely hilarious -- Sam Sykes and Chuck Wendig have a conversation about slasher movies:

* A new book of classic science fiction and horror posters comes to us from a slightly unexpected source, the collection of Kirk Hammett, guitarist for Metallica:

*Our first look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in the upcoming "Deadpool 2" movie.  We cannot wait!

* "Galaxy," the science fiction magazine which ran from 1950-1980, has put up for free all its stories from 1950-1976.  Read online or download.

* A summer reading list of science fiction starring women.  Check out the list here!

Award News

* Nominees for the 2017 World Fantasy Award have been announced.

* The winners for the 2017 Mythopoeic Awards have been announced!

* Colson Whitehead's UNDERGROUND RAILROAD has swept up another award, this time the Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best Novel of 2016 --

* The Seiun Awards for Japanese Science Fiction have announced their winners, included the translated works.

* The winners of the Shirley Jackson Awards for 2016 have been announced, and they range from Manson cults to the occult underbelly of NYC.

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